How Do I Clean And Care For My Braces?

After getting your braces placed, you may wonder how you are supposed to clean and care for your appliance throughout treatment. Well, Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics has the answers for you! Our team has broken down the essentials of keeping your braces in shape so you can continue a stress-free treatment experience. Read on to learn more about the importance of a clean appliance and selecting the right tools to do so. 

Why Keep Your Appliance Clean

Maintaining the strength and cleanliness of your appliance allows your treatment plan to stay on track so you can enjoy your brand-new smile! Braces require more effort each day to keep up with your oral health due to the placement of your brackets and wires. However, following the easy-to-follow care instructions by Dr. Whitaker will protect you from cavities, staining, tooth decay, and enamel breakdown. 

How Do I Clean And Care For My Braces?

Choosing the Perfect Tools for Care

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

When brushing your teeth, our team recommends using a soft, rounded-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste twice daily. For thorough cleaning, move your brush in a circular motion around your teeth, gums, and appliance for around three minutes. Properly cleaning your braces each day can be rough on the bristles, so we encourage you to have a new one ready to go to ensure you can reliably continue your oral health routine. Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics will provide you with a toothbrush after your braces placement appointment to help get you started. 

Floss Threaders

Due to the wires stretching across each of your teeth, you cannot use a traditional floss stick or string during treatment. Instead, you can use floss threaders to eliminate any pesky pieces of food stuck between your teeth. All you need to do is attach a floss string to the thin plastic tool and thread it between each tooth below the wire. We recommend doing so nightly to protect against bacteria buildup on your teeth and braces.


Though it doesn’t directly influence the functionality of your braces, using mouthwash each night keeps your teeth in excellent condition. Many mouthwash formulas include fluoride, likely similar to your toothpaste of choice, supporting your protection against cavities and tooth decay. Keep in mind that using this liquid is a great way to complement your oral health routine, but it does not replace the act of brushing.

Our Team is Here to Support You!

Remembering all the steps required to keep your treatment plan on track and your braces in perfect condition can be intimidating, but don’t worry. Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics has got you covered! Whenever you encounter a situation or question you are unsure how to handle, our team will be able to guide you each step of the way.

How Do I Clean And Care For My Braces?

Protect Your Braces From Emergencies!

Now that you know more about caring for your braces, we hope you feel more prepared to continue your treatment. Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics provides our expert services to Tuscaloosa and the surrounding communities. Schedule your free consultation today to get started on your brand-new smile!

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