Relief From Jaw Pain

The “Temporomandibular Joint” more commonly known as the “jaw joint” helps you open and close your jaw. Unfortunately, it’s common to have recurring pain at this joint.

While a “popping” sound when you open and close your mouth can be a sign of a TMJ dysfunction, that’s not always true. Your jaw can be perfectly fine, even if it pops when you’re chewing or talking.

We offer a TMJ exam to evaluate the tissue surrounding your jaw joint. We’ll check for swelling, deterioration, or damage.

Common pain relievers and compresses can provide temporary relief in most cases. For serious cases of TMJ, we’ll recommend alternative treatments. We often suggest that you use a mouthguard to relieve teeth grinding. In some cases, we’ll suggest orthodontic appliances to put your TMJ joint in a more comfortable, functional position.

For severe cases of TMJ, we may recommend an invasive procedure.

Talk to us about your TMJ needs at your free consultation.