How To Get The Most Out Of Ortho Treatment

At Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics, we create customized treatment plans based on your individual needs and goals to help you obtain a functional yet flattering, beautiful smile. Look no further if you’re wondering how to get the most out of orthodontic treatment! We’ve got the answers!

Stay On Schedule.

Whether you are a fixed or removable braces patient, you must stick to the schedule created for you by Dr. Cowan or Dr. Whitaker. Doing so is vital in ensuring a safe, efficient, and successful treatment!

Our metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign aligners stimulate teeth movement by applying gentle pressure. We move teeth with fixed braces by adjusting the wire every six to eight weeks. Removable braces use a series of trays, each slightly different from the other, to guide teeth along their path. Attending your wire tightenings and changing your trays on time is very important. Not going to your appointments or changing your trays ahead of time will only prolong your treatment and risk unnecessary complications.

Maintain Oral Health.

Your wire tightenings and Invisalign progress check-ups are also for Cowan & Whitaker to monitor your oral health, a key element of orthodontic success. Poor oral health can create tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and more concerns. If untreated, you have an increased risk of temporary or permanent issues that can negatively affect your orthodontic experience and final results. Fortunately, maintaining oral health is relatively simple once you get the hang of it! 

Here are some tips:

  • Brush and floss twice a day
  • Invest in a water flosser and interproximal brush
  • Follow your orthodontist-approved diet
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Follow all care instructions provided by your dentist and orthodontist 
  • Incorporate fluoride products into your routine

If you have any questions or want customized guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us or your trusted primary dentist!

Invest In Orthodontix Wax.

Orthodontic wax is a great way to soothe and prevent irritation! It is a reusable, waxy substance that you can use on the areas that create uncomfortable friction, such as new braces that pinch or poke you or broken appliances that must be held together until repaired.

Though your braces will inevitably cause some discomfort occasionally, you do not have to be uncomfortable for the duration of your treatment. Comfort is essential to orthodontic care; if you feel constant aches and pains, you will be less likely to follow care or use instructions, making treatment longer and unpleasant. And no one wants that!

Wear Your Retainer.

Once you have completed your braces treatment, you will receive a retainer to hold your teeth in their positions as the mouth adapts to its new look. Without a retainer, it takes as little as one day to notice a difference when your teeth regress (shift backward)! Wear and maintain your retainer as directed to protect your orthodontic investment.

How To Get The Most Out Of Ortho Treatment

Be A Cowan & Whitaker Patient!

You get the most out of your in-office experience as a Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics patient! To learn more about us and our treatment options, contact our Tuscaloosa office to schedule a free consultation!

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