Mercedes Business Spotlight

Mercedes Business Spotlight

Here at Cowan and Whitaker Orthodontics, we understand the value of local businesses. As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we love having the opportunity to support these businesses and create a sense of community together. To celebrate the wide variety of amazing local businesses in our area, we’ll be highlighting a different one every single month. This month we’re taking a look at the local Mercedes plant, how it changed our community and a few of the benefits that have come about as a result. 

Twenty-six years ago, it was hard to imagine just how drastically the arrival of the new Mercedes plant would change our community. A quiet parcel of farm and timberland in Vance would soon be transformed into one of the world’s most admired manufacturing facilities. To date, Mercedes has produced over three million vehicles, invested over 6 billion dollars into our local economy, and provided over 4000 direct jobs and thousands more through their suppliers. Ever improving, Mercedes is invested in the next generation of electric vehicles and batteries with goals for a more sustainable future.

The phenomenal success of MBUSI would not be possible without their dedicated employees and those of their suppliers. Producing the best requires the best and our community has delivered. Cowan and Whitaker Orthodontics salutes MBUSI, its employees, and suppliers. Your slogan of “The best keeps getting better” serves as a daily inspiration to our practice. We are honored you have trusted us to provide orthodontic care for you and your families since the beginning!

The value of a strong community-based business can’t be stated enough. The members of our community who are directly impacted by Mercedes are countless and we continue to see the business grow and thrive. 

Do you have a local business you believe should be considered for our monthly spotlight? We would love to hear about them! Contact us at and we will add them to our list!

Mercedes Business Spotlight

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