What Should I Expect At My First Orthodontic Appointment?

Got an orthodontic appointment on the books but aren’t sure what to expect? Your first visit can feel like stepping onto a roller coaster. But never fear! Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics in Tuscaloosa commits to making your first visit fun, easy, and memorable. Dr. Whitaker and our friendly team of orthodontic experts have arrived! It could be that you’re coming in for yourself. Or, you might be bringing your child. No matter what, we’re dedicated to starting your journey to a dazzling smile on the right foot (or tooth, rather). Here’s what to expect at your first orthodontic appointment with us. 

The Initial Consultation

Your first visit to Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics lays the groundwork for your smile journey. It’s a chance for Dr. Whitaker and our team to get to know you, your teeth, and your grin goals. But what specifically happens at your first consultation? We’re delighted you asked! 

Getting to Know You

Dr. Whitaker takes the time to learn more about you—not just your teeth but what you love to do, your concerns about your treatment, and your dreams for your smile. This isn’t just a meet-and-greet, though. Our team builds relationships with our patients. Whether you’re local to Tuscaloosa or somewhere nearby. To make your orthodontic experience fit you, we have to know you.

Your Dental History

We’ll discuss your treatment history, previous procedures or appliances, and what brought you to us. This helps us see the big picture and customize our care to fit your unique bite. Your bite is one-of-a-kind, just like you. So, it demands a corresponding treatment plan! 

What Should I Expect At My First Orthodontic Appointment?

Examination and Imaging

After getting to know you and your smile goals, the next step at Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics is a thorough check-up. Our awesome orthodontic gadgetry lets us get a closer look at your teeth. Similar to going on a treasure hunt. But the treasure is your perfect smile!

Taming Your Teeth

First, Dr. Whitaker will examine your mouth. Our team must see the whole picture to know how to help. We can’t fix a problem we don’t see. This part is super important because it helps us plan how to get your teeth into supreme shape.

X-ray X-citement

Next, we use X-rays to take sneak peeks at what’s going on under your gumline. These pictures show us: 

  • The roots of your teeth
  • Any of your teeth that might be hiding
  • How much space we’ve got to work with

Discussing Treatment Options

Once we’ve mapped out your orthodontic landscape with our exams and technology, it’s time to see how we can get your smile to shine its brightest. Our terrific Tuscaloosa team has a few tricks up our sleeves to make that happen. Here’s the scoop on your treatment options:

Marvelous Metallic Braces

Metal braces are like the trusty old friends of the orthodontic world. They’re strong, reliable, and really good at straightening your teeth. Dr. Whitaker will explain how these shiny marvels can line up your smile using wires and brackets. They’ve helped countless people keep on smiling. 

Slip Into Stealth Mode With Clear Braces

Clear braces might be your style if you’re looking for something more under the radar. They work like metal braces but are way less obvious. How do they do it? Clear brackets that blend in with your teeth! Clear (or “ceramic”) braces are your smile’s secret agents. 

Go Incognito With Invisalign

Braces sound great, but what if you could go really incognito with your treatment? Invisalign gives you the freedom to realign your teeth without anyone else noticing. These clear aligners are like invisible trays. Each one fits over your teeth. But here’s the kicker: You can take them out to eat and brush, which is fantastic. Dr. Whitaker will tell you if you’re a match for this smooth move toward a great smile.

What Should I Expect At My First Orthodontic Appointment?

Financial Planning and Insurance

You and your family deserve great smiles. But figuring out how to budget for a brighter smile can seem tricky. We’re here to make it a breeze. Let’s look at how we tackle the financial side of things. We want you to be all set for a worry-free smile rejuvenation.

Understanding Your Costs

First things first, we’ll break down the cost of your treatment. Dr. Whitaker and our incredible team will walk you through everything (so there are no surprises). We’ll explain how each part of your treatment adds up and the value it brings to your smile. We believe in being transparent (kind of like Invisalign!) about costs. 

Insurance Made Easy

If you have dental insurance, we’ll help you determine what’s covered. From metal braces to Invisalign, we’ll check your benefits and handle the paperwork to maximize your coverage. There’s no need to decode insurance jargon; we’ve got it handled. For a list of the insurance providers we accept, go here

Flexible Payment Plans

Don’t have insurance or need a little extra help? No problem! We offer payment plans that fit into your budget. We make sure getting a great smile is accessible for everyone. We aim to help you focus on your smile, not the numbers.

What Should I Expect At My First Orthodontic Appointment?

Expect Excellence at Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics

You can expect excellence on your first visit to Cowan & Whitaker Orthodontics. Dr. Whitaker and our team in Tuscaloosa are super excited to meet you and get started on your journey to a smile that lights up the room. We promise to make it fun, easy, and something you’ll feel great about. Ready to take the first step? Give us a shout and schedule your free consultation today. 

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